Milbert Amplifiers, The Most Musical Amplifiers. Made in USA since 1986.

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info at milbert dot com

Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877 USA


Milbert Amplifiers products are available factory-direct and through select retailers. A trial period may be available. Our guarantee of satisfaction, as well as a limited warranty - with essentially lifetime coverage - also apply. Our products are an investment in quality and enjoyment. We've been making them for several decades, and we fully support everything we've ever produced.

Retailers in continental USA:

Absolute Electronix, Rockville MD
Contact Ata,

Reus Audio Systems, Orange CA
Contact Rick Reus,
1036 W Collins Ave., Orange, CA 92867

Your favorite/nearby dealer is also probably welcome. Have them call or email us.

Product Registration

Register your Milbert Amplifiers product for safety and warranty repair support.

Product Authenticity Verification

Considering buying a Milbert Amplifiers product other than from the factory? Beware counterfeit fake products. We gladly verify product authenticity - Email us the product model, serial number, description, location, photos, etc.

From Ken Rockwell's photography website:

MADE IN CHINA means "offshored to be made as cheaply as possible. Your purchase helps encourage other companies to move their production to China, whose government may eventually choose to nationalize (take over) all of it in the future, leaving the rest of the world enslaved to China. Communist governments are evil, but not stupid, subsidizing labor costs today to help gain control of the world's means of production tomorrow. You've been warned."

B-stock Products

B-stock items sometimes become available. These have minor cosmetic blemishes or damage (that have no effect on function or performance) and are offered at correspondingly reduced price. Email us if items of this nature may be of interest to you.

Technical Support

  • Full support is available for all products.
  • Upgrades are available for most products.
  • Owners Manuals for all products are available.

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Repair of Miscellaneous Equipment

We sometimes receive local requests for service of miscellaneous audio equipment.

The Electronic Clinic has been fixing broken electronic equipment for over forty years. Ask for Les @ 301-869-3113, or email him directly

Urbana Electronics has been servicing various electronic equipment for over fifty years. Call Ron at 301-662-8835 or email

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