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Acoustic Levitation in Egypt - Ancient High Technology | Ancient Architects

Tibetan Stone Hurling.
Coral Castle.
Michael Tellinger, 100 million massive stone circles; conical "ice cream cone" sonic funnels in South Africa.

Feel like time has been speeding up lately, over the past years? Most people I know sure do. Did you know the kilogram was 'redefined' in Nov 2018, along with three other 'constants' ??

I sure didn't. I live near NIST. There has not been a single word in any press that I've seen, or by any authorities that I've noticed, nor amongst anyone I know (including people who work at NIST as scientists). Nothing. Not one peep. Yet NIST claims that the "SI redefinition" of the Metric System base units is "more profound than anything since its establishment following the French Revolution." In a world of growing global trade, relying intrinsically upon long-ago fixed and stable weights and measures, such fundamental change so utterly unmentioned seems suspicious.

Digging a little, I found interesting critical review of the Royal Society and its purpose by Jan Irvin / LOGOS Media Unspun youtubes; I'd previously seen an interesting delve into Force of Gravity and its history by Brian Mullin, youtube Balls Out Physics episodes 2 and 3. With the recent presentations of ERIC DOLLARD unearthing much about the obscured history of electricity, the research of C JON BJERKNES focusing on questionable validity of Einstein's Relativity, and the general uncovering of information that has been purposely hidden and/or confounded (Tesla, microwaves, energy, etc., Bosnian Pyramids, electric universe/thunderbolt project), it would seem to behoove humanity and sensibility for unbounded, open minds to critically re-examine and re-evaluate even the most basic assumptions and "givens".

In an era when 'coin clipping' and apparent sabotage (I've found that buying "Made In China" most often requires buying three or four items to end up with one that kind of works, representing basically a doubling of price, fouling of spirit, and huge waste of time and energy) runs rampant, now possibly affecting even the base units, weights and measures themselves, let's beware redefined anything without extremely critical, wide and deep review. Yesterday (20 May 2019) was the supposed final day of redefinition, but I bet that 99.99999% of people have never even heard of it.

Skimped, Shortchanged ? -- Energizer and Duracell outed (by disassembly) as underpacking their batteries -- In America (and Oz), are even the batteries a ripoff ?? -- EEVblog #1200 - BUSTED! - Energizer & Duracell NiMH

Jaw-dropping. Not an attack on any battery manufacturer(s), but reveals "coin clipping", under-packing, "ripping you off" with consequent lower charge capacity by under filling battery containers. Watch the video.

No doubt, no doubt it was a "marketing decision to meet price point" -- yeah, or maybe it was for economies of scale, one production line for both C and D cells, all packed with C cell capacity fillings. It's sad when their C cell capacity is greater than their D cell capacity. Watch the video to see why.

Meanwhile, RS PRO Components (out of UK) are rated at 8,000 mAh (more than 3x capacity of Duracell and Energizer) and weigh more, giving full capacity per given space limitation.

RS PRO Components is my new reference standard for D cell NiMH batteries...and probably others now, too. RS PRO is made by NEXcell BATTERY CO LTD.

Nanci Griffith: If Wishes Were Changes - Night Music

There are still many people who never heard of Night Music.

Murder, Mayhem, Metallica, Megadeth and More

Old news but still interesting

For real ?? California's threatened (nearly) Week-Long Power-Downs in response to dryness and 25mph winds

Will the week-long power-downs include hospitals? Military? Mil subcontractors? Municipal water pumps? Stop lights?

This is stunning. A throw-back to pre-electrification.

World's Smallest All-Tube Spy Recorder - The Minifon P-55 ...and an interesting segue to Wewelsburg Castle

3 weeks ago
I worked in a recording studio for about four years. We did a lot of remastering work. An old lady came in and asked us to remaster some very old wire recordings with "massive historical value". She brought a very large wire player in that we had to fix because there was no way to get another one, It was HELL! Most of it was degraded way past saving but we were able to save about 40% of the stuff, It turned out to be recordings from Nazi Germany. The lady said her husband stole them after Germany lost the war to expose the evil of what they are doing. My boss was from Germany so that worked out well. He was able and eager to translate the recordings for us and was SHOCKED at what was on them. Lots of Vril/occult stuff. I think they were recordings of ceremonies and strange occult pep rallies for lack of a better word. They sure thought they were going to rule the world and boy did they think they were something special. The rest of it was bad opera music from the same ceremony. The reverb at the location was amazing! It sounded like they were in a very large stone room of some kind. Fascinating stuff! The audio quality was the worst I've ever heard, wire recording was as bad as it gets. I'll never forget that week we remastered that stuff. It gave me nightmares.

We were told not to make copies other than the masters we were working on. We had to sign confidentiality agreements with the threat of a lawsuit. She told us she was working with a museum and after she passed away they would have possession of the recordings. I'm sure I would get in trouble if they found this comment, but I'm not too worried. My boss was obsessed with the recordings and listened to them the whole time we had them. There was about a hundred hours of good recording. It would take a long time to explain the gist of what they were talking about. But mostly how white people are the highest form of humanity and were the last revision our makers made to the human form before leaving the planet. They talked about the vril energy a lot too. Some very dark stuff about sex magic and human sacrifice as well. Dark, dark stuff about children having the most vril and justifying doing very sick things to them. It was all about vril, even the horrible Oprah songs. Some of it was spoken in a language that sounded nothing like German and none of us recognized.

Sounds like it could be from Wewelsburg Castle, an SS leadership school / cult site.  urg
Several YouTube videos available as well.

1957 Motorola 6X32E transistor radio unboxing (made in USA, of course)

Motorola transistorized radio from 1957, unpacked from original box

Automation has eaten more jobs than globalism

Single biggest job category in America -- cashier. (2:30 into video)

Real Cars, Toy Cars and the End of Driving As We Know It

In the early 1990s, car manufacturers won the legal right to integrate their dashboard "radio" with car electronics systems, including GPS navigation. The aftermarket industry rightly saw this as 'shutting them out' of the car audio (after)marketplace, or at least introducing a big hurdle and hardship. No longer would a head-unit swap-out be so simple.

Next, car makers attempted to literally 'make it illegal to open your car hood' by trade-secreting their schematics, plans, blueprints, etc. While the large legal aspect of that techno-secretization attempt failed, the ever-increasing technical complexity of automotive systems essentially suppresses would-be aftermarket (performance)"tuners" and definitely weekend-warrior and DIY individuals.

By consistently going 'closed source', car makers have essentially helped make themselves irrelevant to the larger population, at least on the technical/tinker level. Gone are the wondrous days of 4-bolt + 1-gasket $20 water pump replacements of Ford's (and America's) Heydays, as everything is becoming integrated with everything else, on this precipice of IoT madness.

From the article -- "Those securing drivers licenses at the age of sixteen have dropped by 50% since the 1980s. Those in their twenties don't particularly want to drive either."

This is significant. It's yet another serious but subtle loss of freedom and self-determination, the changing of the ability to travel to necessarily incorporate monstrous tech companies. Travel-by-horse is not far away again, as society is gently guided to the United Nations' ostensible Neo-Feudal Utopia *, in which personal travel beyond a 20 mile radius from home will be significantly difficult and therefore mostly curtailed for nearly all persons. (  tions%2C+neo-feudalism )

There's an entire aspect to this, made and/or allowed to grow out-of-control, of cancerous government and regulatory nuttery. In increasingly Orwellian Virginia 2017, a 15-year old Son had to take in-school "driver's ed", to get a certificate; that allowed him to take a Virginia-mandated class, along with parent(s) (whose attendance was required), warning against texting-while-driving, to get a certificate; that allowed him to acquire a Learners Permit from Virginia (a certificate); that allowed him to take a private driving instruction class (at $270), to get a certificate; that allowed him to take a Virginia Written Drivers Test (that, if failed, required an additional one-week delay, and if failed again then one-month delay), to get a certificate; that allowed him to apply for a Probationary Virginia Drivers License (a certificate) -- which of course required a driving test but also required parental attendance at another Virginia class, and then a visit (with parent(s)) to the District Court for appearance (en masse with dozens or maybe hundreds of others) for a bit more regaling about the dangers of driving, requirements, regulations, stipulations, responsibilities, etc. This now hard-won Probationary Virginia Drivers License would soon enough have to be exchanged at age 18 for a "real" Virginia Drivers License, or maybe by then a likely-illegal federal "Real ID". The Virginia Driving Learners Permit and Probationary Virginia Drivers License both conveyed all kinds of rules and stipulations -- number of car occupants, curfew hours, etc. -- with immediately expulsionary consequences for non-compliance. Moreover, the going-rate for car insurance for fresh drivers was $4k (for young men) and $2k (for young women). Thirty years prior, that same process was much leaner, faster, pro-personal liberty, and far less exhaustive or stifling.

THE MICROWAVE APOCALYPSE -- Ford CV2X - neat, except that microwaves kill life, according to Dr Magda Havas, Dr Devra Davis, Dr Barrie Trower and others

Microwaves split DNA. Split DNA causes Cancer. Therefore, Microwaves cause Cancer.

This YT contains interesting information regarding the effects of 5G on life.

The idea of "popularity" being created by repetition and familiarity rather than quality or qualification

Kasey Kasum and Dick Clark..."basically, these guys weren't reporting what was at the 'top of the charts' by natural progression [and natural taste], but rather what They put at the top of the charts by repetition." -- Jan Irvin, 1:10:00

This algorithm decodes rat squeaks and could revolutionize animal research

Ultrasonic microphones and software capture and decode rat / rodent calls. Turns out it means something, maybe a lot.

"The most scientific answer is to say that the order of their calls is not random." -- 7:30 in

Burned from within - incredible -- another kind of piracy

"Shiraaz Sookralli, 44, allegedly duped more than 30 customers out of $2.2 million by selling them non-existent super-cars

"Vice President of the largest Porsche dealership in the US is arrested after 'making $2.2 million selling limited edition cars that didn't exist and spending the cash on a lavish lifestyle, expensive dinners and flashy jewelry'

The unbiased audio amplifier output stage

Crossover notch distortion. Sounds awful. Makes transistorized sound even worse.

Carol Kaye

It's the 1950s/60s kind of Milly Vanilly.

Kaye played on over 10,000 tracks, including music for TV. If you heard it and rocked out to it, it was probably to her playing. 6:00 into video

Jerry Cole of the Wrecking Crew Discusses Phil Spector,Charles Manson (Rare)

A buried propane tank, echo chamber, gave dynamics -- that was Phil Spector's Wall of Sound.

Bass Techniques and Stage Presence Paul to Faul Musicians Know the Truth - a comparison of musical playing styles

Comparing playing styles is like watching poker players' tells and quirks.

"...but all of you musicians out there: Have you ever known someone to revert back to playing like an amateur again, watching -- more or less -- every chord change and finger movement?" -- 3:27 in

Very interesting how this intrigue has been developing, slowly, constantly, with a life of its own.

A440, Pythagorean "all is number", and separation from God as Romanticism -- Eric Dollard

Dr Emoto showed that sound (or even intention (!)) has a measurable effect on water as it is frozen: Certain sounds created snowflakes having balanced proportions whilst certain other discordant sounds created snowflakes having severely jumbled characteristics. This effect and its study is called CYMATICS. Sound creates form.

Putting it all together

How "the pill" relates to socialism, the offshoring of jobs, and the flood of deeply crappy products that nearly every musician both enjoys and suffers.

Styles of music and 'music culture' as a method of 'Divide and Conquer' and means to mass depopulation

From LOGOS MEDIA "From Disease X to X-Men, what does "X" mean in pop culture?"

Diesel Disaster -- banning diesel cars as part of global "green" agenda

Remember, Germany is the official legal nuthouse that jails people for questioning the facts and veracity of certain painful and contentious subjects.

Driving and travel "bans" perfectly suit a depopulative, deflationary agenda.

There is a "green" agenda long afoot, and it directly seeks to undermine personal liberty by restricting nonsensical actions using controversial if not outright false or even invented psyence. This is seen again and again without any verifiable truth or positive effects from bans or limitations. Linked video further supports this absurd reality.

"Environmental Action Germany" is another false and dangerous tool to deflate, depopulate.

The Solar Panel Trick -- a means to control your energy via sunlight

From video comment: "The problem with solar panels is chemtrails and solar management --- THEY can dim the sun over your area whenever, and thus control your energy. That's what the solar push is truly about, UN AGENDA 21 and ultimately your enslavement then depopulation."

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